Waka Flocka seems to attract trouble even when he's trying to do a good deed. The Atlanta rapper was involved in a scuffle in his hometown, while hosting a celebrity bowling event Thursday (Sept. 29).

According to reports, Waka was approached by a former acquaintance at the event, and the exchange broke out into a tussle. The altercation took place after Waka announced his 2011 Homes for the Holidays program, which will give 10 homes to families run by single parents or grandparents, and pledged to donate $50 for every strike made during the game. Shortly after, well-intentioned the 'No Hands' rapper was approached by one of his former artists, and things got a little out of hand.

"To be clear, while taking one of many photos with fans during the evening, an artist who had previously been under his helm approached him with malice, words were said and our client was forced to defend himself," explained his rep. "The aftermath, though dramatic, left no one seriously injured and saw the majority of the crowd dispersed without incident."

Once it was confirmed that there were no injuries or weapons on hand, Ludacris's mother, Roberta Shields, whose charity the Ludacris Foundation threw the event, instructed her staff to continue with the festivities.

"[Shields] noted that when the craziness began, she asked security 'if there was a gun,'" the rep continued. "When they assured her that there were no weapons involved, she instructed her team to keep on playing and let the security do their jobs."

This isn't the first time that Waka has made headlines for being involved in brawls, but after a year and a half of legal issues, the 23-year-old had appeared to be on the straight and narrow.

This weekend tons of hip-hop stars will descend upon Atlanta this for this year's BET Hip-Hop Awards, and Waka is up for the Best Club Banger trophy for 'No Hands.'

Hosted by comedian Mike Epps, the BET Hip-Hop Awards are set to air Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 8PM ET.

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