"She don't know my name, she just know me by my AIM," Tyga rhymes. When asked if he uses AIM all the time, the teen laughed and said yes, he was on his Sidekick right then. A seemingly normal 18-year-old, Tyga, who's toured with Lil Wayne and Fall Out Boy, has an ode to instant messaging dubbed 'AIM' on his debut album, 'No Introduction' which hit stores on June 10.

It's been a whirlwind the last couple of years for Tyga, who is from the Los Angeles area. He started recording in his bedroom and after saving up money, he circulated the homemade tape. He eventually met Fall Out Boy guitarist Pete Wentz, who was eager to sign the teen. "He said, 'This kid is dope, he's hot,'" Tyga said excitedly. The West Coast youngin's debut features guest appearances by Wayne and FOB's frontman Patrick Stump.

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