Looking to help fans connect with influential celebrities beyond superficial media reports, PBS Digital Studios has embarked on a new bi-weekly series, 'Blank on Blank,' which brings monumental stories from "American newsmakers" back to life with "previously unheard interview tapes that would otherwise be lost forever." This week, the David Gerlach-created show features the life and death of Tupac Shakur.

Gerlach runs a never-before-heard recording of an animated Tupac Shakur from 1994. This gives 'Pac fans insight into what was going on in the late MC's mind surrounding the back-to-back events that took place that year (i.e. "his sexual assault charges, his relationship with the press, and Dan Quayle’s attack on his music.")

The episode begins with the New York-born, California-bred rapper sitting in an unknown restaurant ordering spring rolls and crab cakes. Twelve seconds into the animated remake of Tupac's March 1994 interview, Entertainment Weekly writer Benjamin Svetkey asks a 22-year-old 'Pac, "What do you think's gonna happen 15 years for you; 10 years, where do you see yourself?"

"Best case, in a cemetery. Not in a cemetery, sprinkled in ashes smoked up by my homies. I mean, that's the worst case," the tortured artist responds.

The five-minute interview details the West Coast artist's education, street life, women and family.

Tupac's lost interview, along with others, can be found here.

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