Hip-hop has seen some great albums in its thirty plus years, so we decided we'd take a trip down memory lane, round up the best of the best, rank them and, hopefully, spark some discussion. From the days of back-pack rap to the East coast's return to form, here's a look at the top 20 hip-hop albums of all time.

Death Row Koch

'Doggystyle,' by Snoop Dogg

Will there ever be a time when partygoers and newbie drinkers with access to a bottle of gin and a pitcher of red Kool-Aid won't think of this album while mixing up that now famous and potent concoction? The impact was sudden and profound: Dr. Dre set the stage with 'The Chronic,' then Snoop brought the house down with 'Doggystyle,' and hip-hop hasn't been the same since.

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