Once known as the brash young MC claiming the throne of southern rap, T.I. has grown into the role of the wise veteran with a wealth of experience and knowledge soaked up during his decade-plus run in the game. And while his penchant for hot-headed behavior has diminished, his hunger has not, evidenced by the Atlanta native's announcement that his new album, Trap's Open, on the way.

The second in his Paperwork trilogy, T.I. is looking to come full circle musically with this album and make a return to the musical stylings that first put him on the map -- one of which was his breakout album, Trap Muzik. In a recent interview with HHS87, Tip shares a few details on the upcoming LP.

"It's a trilogy. So the first installment -- [Paperwork]: The Motion Picture -- was supposed to be cinematic... it was supposed to be nostalgic," says T.I. "It was supposed to give an application of the sounds of yesteryear mixed with the hip-hop of today. This next one is going to be unapologetically gangster. You know, just straight trap music. And it's called Trap's Open."

When asked if we can expect any features on the new album, Tip says, "Nah, not yet," but one of the King's rap star friends is sure to pop up somewhere during the proceedings. T.I. has always had a penchant for sharing the mic with his peers on his projects. If he were to decide to go for dolo on this effort, we wouldn't make any objections at all, as he is more than skilled enough to handle the task and we would probably be gifted with some great music as a result.

But regardless of the bells and whistles, a new album from T.I. is always good news and we'll be sure to keep you updated on any additional details that we get our hands on regarding Trap's Open.

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