Hip-hop icon Jam Master Jay's killer has never been identified, but a tattoo on the alleged gunman's neck could help investigators come closer to figuring out what occurred on October 30, 2002, the night the famed Run-D.M.C. deejay was gunned down in his Queens recording studio.

Jay's business partner, Randy Allen, spoke of his frustrations with the case to the New York Daily News. "This is a case that can be solved," he said. Allen was present at the time of shooting, and his sister, Lydia High, claims she saw a man with a tattooed neck fire a shot that killed Jam Master Jay. Investigators blame a a lack of cooperative witnesses for the stalled case.

Family and friends of Jay, born Jason Mizell, are angered by the lack of support and cooperation. "Whoever did it, and those that know about it and aren't saying anything, they're the most miserable," Mizell's mother, Connie Mizell-Perry, told the News from her North Carolina home. "How can they be happy? Sin has a way of eating you up on the inside." Read the full story.