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10 Best Geto Boys Songs
The Geto Boys are true legends in hip-hop and in their hometown of Houston, Texas. The rap trifecta of Scarface, Willie D and the fun-loving sociopath Bushwick Bill brought terror and hardcore rhymes to the rap game.
Willie D ‘Grateful’ for Prison Sentence
Former Geto Boys member William "Willie D" Dennis is revealing that he is thankful for the year and a day prison sentence he received for spearheading a wire fraud scam. Speaking to Houston's Fox 26, Dennis explained what drove him to pretend to sell customers iPhones only to …
Bushwick Bill No Longer Being Deported
Geto Boys rapper Bushwick Bill has been released from custody and is no longer facing deportation, according a statement made by his attorney.
The diminutive Texan rapper was arrested this past May for possession of marijuana, a misdemeanor, but when a background check revealed that the Jamaican-bor…

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