Say What! — Snoop Says ‘Daddy Was a Pimp’ + More
The Doggfather, Snoop discussed his parenting tips- namely, tell the kids that daddy was a piiimp. "I have never hidden anything from my kids...They know i am ex-banger, drug-dealer, wanna be pimp. They know about how i cheated on their mother and wanted to get a divorce because they heard it from me directly...
Say What! — 50 Cent Likes Feeling Rich + More
50 Cent appeared on Tyra Banks recently to promote his new album, perfume and what have you, and he told that wonderful woman that he likes to walk around with 25k on his person at all times. Why? "I like to have cash on me, because it feels like I have money...
Daz Dillinger Discusses New Death Row’s ‘Short Change’ Offer
Daz Dillinger Discusses New Death Row’s ‘Short Change’ Offer
Death Row's stranglehold on West Coast rap is a thing of the past. Suge Knight is no longer an intimidating figure. His label has been sold to a Canadian company called WIDEawake, and is now run by Lara Lavi, a self-described "Jewish soccer mom" and singer/songwriter, who is currently working on a lullaby album, and spent 10 years as the lawyer for the Muckleshoot Indian tribe... Read M

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