Slim Thug

Slim Thug Honored With 'Thugga Day' in Houston
While we're used to seeing Slim Thug rocking the mic in a pair of jeans and a loose T-shirt, he donned a classic suit at Houston's City Hall yesterday (Feb. 25) when he was given a proclamation for his contributions to the city.
Slim Thug Defines a "Thug" on CNN [Video]
Slim Thug is defending the thugs. The rapper appeared on CNN's 'OutFront' yesterday (Jan. 15) to talk to host Don Lemon about the definition of the word that makes up his rap moniker and hip-hop's role in influencing impressionable young people.
DJ OG Ron C: Inside the DJ Booth
DJ OG Ron C has worn multiple hats in the industry before even becoming an integral part of hip-hop in Houston, Texas. The Fifth Ward native was once a part of a rap group as an adolescent. "I was going to the studio as a part of The Sinister Crew and we didn't have any production set …
Man Claims Slim Thug Pistol-Whipped Him
Slim Thug is in the hot seat again and this time it has nothing to do with his controversial remarks. The Houston native is being accused of pistol-whipping a man during a business meeting last year.
According to legal documents, Clarence Evans claims he arrived at a home in Houston, Texas, on March …

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