Pitbull, Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit: Rapper Uses ‘Ryan Seacrest Defense’
It appears Pitbull has deferred to Ryan Seacrest in his defense against Lindsay Lohan's frivolous, unrelenting prosecution against the Miami MC, who name-checked her in his Ne-Yo and Afrojack-featuring hit 'Give Me Everything.' In what TMZ has described as the "Seacrest Defense," Pitbull has filed legal documents in New York, responding to Lohan's suit by contending that television perso
Say What! — Ray-J Apologizes to Flo-Rida + More
Ray-J appeared on the first episode of his "Family Business" show with sister Brandy, where he dissed her main squeeze, Flo-rida, calling him a "sucka" for not offering to pay for her outfit to The Grammy's. After the show aired, he quickly backpedaled, saying "I meant no disrespect to Flo-Rida, he's a cool dude...