red cafe

Happy Birthday, Red Cafe!
Red Cafe has long been one of the underground MCs who reps Brooklyn, N.Y., to the fullest. Born Jermaine Denny, Red Cafe turns 39 years old today (Sept. 19).
Red Cafe Talks New Album, Diddy, Shakedown Records
Red Café promises his new album is on the way, for real this time. The Brooklyn rapper has shown a knack for dropping catchy hits like 'Hottest in the Hood,' 'I'm Ill' and 'Paper Touchin'' over the years, but record label drama has always foiled his rel…
Red Cafe, Cuban Link to Fight in Urban Wrestling Federation
The newly-formed Urban Wrestling Federation has announced that it will be holding its First Blood wrestling event in New York City on Friday (June 3). The spectacle will feature some of the "toughest thugs in the hip-hop community," including Bad Boy-signee Red Cafe, Uncle Murda, f…
Best Songs of 2010 (To Date)
Updated: See See Our Final List of the Top Songs of 2010
Despite the despairing reality that some of us may have just stopped writing "2009" on our checks, 2010 is here and some of our favorite artists have already delivered noteworthy tracks for our listening pleasure...