My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

World’s Fastest Violinist Compares Kanye West to Vivaldi
Last year, Oliver Lewis solidified his title as world's fastest violinist when he performed Rimsky-Korsakov's orchestral interlude 'Flight of the Bumblebee' on BBC's 'Blue Peter' in 1 minute and 3.356 seconds. BlackBook magazine caught up with the violinist, who plans on breaking his own record at some point this year, as he treated them to an interpretation of Kanye West's 'Dark Fantasy' off 'My
Watch Kanye West’s Short Film, ‘Runaway’
Kanye West broadcast 'Runaway' worldwide over the weekend on MTV, MTV2 and BET. The short film adaptation of his fifth studio album, 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,' is now streaming on various Internet sites -- all 35 minutes of it. Nicki Minaj starts things off in the film, narrating the story of a phoenix fallen to Earth that Kanye befriends...
Kanye West Not Happy With L.A. Times Review of ‘Runaway’
Kanye West Not Happy With L.A. Times Review of ‘Runaway’
The reviews are in for Kanye West's short film 'Runaway' and one in particular, written by the Los Angeles Times, didn't sit well with the Chicago emcee. After reading the newspaper's evaluation of the 35-minute visual addendum to his upcoming album 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,' the 33-year-old quickly called out the article, and its writer, via his Twitter page...