Happy Birthday, Havoc!
Decades after his prime, Havoc is acclaimed for his work as one-half of Mobb Deep -- the most lethal hip-hop group to come from New York. The Queensbridge legend hits the age of 44 today (May 21).
Havoc of Mobb Deep’s Twitter Gets Its Annual Hack Job
Around this time last year, Mobb Deep broke up thanks to the forces of Twitter. Well, not really. The two clearly had tension brewing between them that spilled over onto social media when Havoc unleashed a stream of nasty attacks towards Prodigy. Havoc initially tried to claim that his Twitter was h…
24 Moments and People We’re Thankful for in 2011
In 2011, hip-hop and R&B ruled not only the charts but the news headlines as well. There were artists' triumphs and tribulations, veteran comebacks, rookies that stole the show, baby news and prison hijinks. In celebration of Thanksgiving, The BoomBox looks back on a year leading up to …
Mobb Deep’s Prodigy Gives Away New EP
While fans are currently waiting for a full-length release from a post-incarcerated Prodigy, the Queens rapper is tiding fans over with a little giveaway. The Mobb Deep member has unleashed his new EP, 'The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson,' dropping the seven-track freebie via Complex...

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