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Does The 'Above The Rim' Soundtrack Stand The Test Of Time?
Basketball and hip-hop have always gone hand in hand and over the years they have collided consistently, becoming the two favorite pastimes of inner-city youth. So when the 'Above The Rim' soundtrack dropped on March 22, 1994, the music matched perfectly with the hoops film of the same name starring Tupac Shakur.
Aaron Hall Says The-Dream Needs to ‘Lose Weight’
Aaron Hall hasn't released any new material in over a decade, but he recently took time to comment on two artists that have risen to fame and have had much success in the R&B world. In an interview with carltonjordan.com, the former lead singer from the 90's group Guy made some entertaining comments about singers The-Dream and Trey Songz. "...
Top Ten Hip-Hop Soundtracks of the ’90s
In the '90s, every hip-hop-themed movie had its own original soundtrack. Classics like 'Colors,' 'Boyz N the Hood' and 'Menace II Society' came strapped with sound pieces that matched the tone of the films perfectly. Though they ranged in quality from life-changing to "say what...