Big Mike

This Or That?
For the latest 'This or That?' we travel South for a debate that might have helped open eyes in the mid-2000's, when hip-hop at large seemed to think Lil' Jon and D4L were the only Southern artists worth talking about (and s--ting on).
Michael Santiago Render, or Killer Mike, pulled a 'Live At The BB…
Who Flipped It Better?
This week’s sample flip is Al Green’s ‘What A Wonderful Thing Life Is,’ a track so full of emotion that it’s odd more producers haven’t plucked those strings for their own beats.
Naturally, Kanye is the kind of visi…
Hip-hop DJ Big Mike Arrested for Music Piracy
A Danbury, Conn. hip-hop DJ and his half-brother were arrested for music piracy last Wednesday (June 8), following a two-year investigation pinpointing them for selling illegal music over the 'Net.
Michael "DJ Big Mike" Wilcox, 33, and his half-brother Stephen Sabato, 21, were busted after …