T-Pain has worked with virtually everyone in the rap and R&B world, but that trend is about to end.

"I think I'm done, man -- as far as collaborations," the Auto-Tune king told The BoomBox in an exclusive interview. Still, one last artist has eluded him, and he's made it no secret who that unlikely artist is -- country singer Carrie Underwood. Unfortunately, Pain claims that people don't want to see the two working together.

"It gets weird when I request a 'crazy' collaboration. It gets like downplayed, basically," the top-hatted singer explained. "When Taylor Swift said she wanted to work with me, it was like 'Oh, it's going to be such a great song, blah bah blah.' Then I came back and said I wanted to work with Carrie Underwood and it was like 'Carrie Underwood would never work someone with as less class as you!"

Despite his many achievements, Pain contends that he's still not taken seriously as an artist. "It just got crazy, like, what the f---?" he continued. "I don't know, maybe I'm just the underdog of the game."

In the past Pain has argued that his comical persona has hurt him critically. "I think it's an imagery thing," he told The Boombox back in March. "I don't know if they wanna give the chubby guy with dreads a Grammy." T-Pain, we're pulling for you.