T.I. held auditions for dancers at his new Atlanta strip club, and reportedly over 1,600 women showed up to show off their skills for the "King of the South."

T.I. is opening V Live Atlanta, an offshoot of the popular Houston urban gentleman's club. The Atlanta location comes on the heels of V Live expanding into New Orleans and Dallas. It's set to open in ATL later this month.

TMZ got footage of the auditions, where thousands of women were on-hand to be picked for the club. At the auditions, prospective V Live dancers showed off their considerable assets for the cameras; and T.I.'s partner Damon Cobbs is seen giving the ladies some words of "encouragement" prior to them taking the stage to audition.

"If yo' ass go up there and fall--that's yo' ass," Cobbs warns the dancers. Only 100 out the 1,600 who showed up reportedly were chosen for a job.

V Live has become one of the most well-known strip clubs around the country, with celebrities like Rihanna and Future known to frequent the Houston, Dallas and New Orleans locations.  Rihanna hit the hot spot back in May and reportedly spent over $15,000 and was seen on video spreading a stack of bills.

And Drake has made various lyrical references to V Live in his songs ("No Tellin,'" "Believe Me.")

Atlanta is known for iconic strip clubs like Magic City, where everyone from hip-hop stars to athletes have been known to spend thousands. V Live will have some stiff competition.

Check out the audition footage in the clip at the top of this story.