Soulja Boy thinks Bow Wow is underrated. "I definitely look at it like that, I know I opened a lot of doors but there's other people that opened a lot of doors that don't get the respect that they need," said Soulja. "Like Bow Wow, I feel like he opened a lot of doors and people don't never give him the respect that he deserve. Just everyone since the beginning of hip-hop, it just keeps going and somebody new come in. I heard it once from a DJ in North Carolina, and he was like 'Man, when you came out with 'Crank Dat' you changed the game, you revolutionized hip-hop and now everything is digital.'" I don't ever want to toot my own horn but when people say that it just makes me feel good that people think that, or acknowledge that I did that." Soulja Boy invented digital. Thanks. [RapFix]

Jay-Z weighed in on former President George W. Bush's claim that Kanye West's post-Katrina comments were the low point of his career."Just the fact that he thinks that the worst thing that happened to him is Kanye saying something about him," Hov told the Associated Press. "Like, what? That alone shows you where his mind is. Are you kidding me?" True. [SunTimes]