Soulja Boy recently discussed his incredible new album, "I don't have specific songs that I say are gonna be album choice. BUT I have a million songs on Studio Drive and out of those million I know, at least, a thousand of them are Global #1 smashes." [HipHopWired]

Lil Cease announced that he is pitching new fitness show with VH1 via Twitter, sort of. "About to have some chocolate cake!! Munchiessssssss!!! Oh yea,had a meetin wit vh1 was great!!! #Hardbody" We love you Cease, but what how are you promoting your fitness show and talking about munchiessssss!!! at the same time? [Twitter]

Lil Wayne's lil homey, Short Dawg discussed his boss's sizzurp situation recently, "Wayne don't sip no more...When you in your mode of sippin' sometimes it makes you a little aggravated, so it was probably one of those little drank fits he was throwin' cause I do the same thing." Oh, sure, blame it on the mode of sippin'. [Bossip]