Harajuku Barbie Nicki Minaj told our good friends Angela Yee and Leah Rose about the five different personalities she uses in the bedroom. "Lisa is the b---- that comes and f---s you for one night when your wife is gone...you gotta be like that and you gotta stay in character...if you go there, the guy will go there. What I'm saying girls is, step your p---- up get some role playing names and get a certain thing that each girl does. You have to have five personalities and all those girls are known for something." We actually have nothing to add to that ... that's amazing. [TeamYee]

Mya talked about her partner Dmitry Chaplin on Dancing With the Stars, saying he's "so nice and so patient," though she expects he'll soon "bring out his ruler to slap me...I wouldn't mind him hitting me with the ruler." She then giggled and said "I'm going to keep all that to myself...I don't want to make my dance partner uncomfortable." Yeah, but you just told a reporter. Do you not understand how this works? [EOnline]

"My album is called 'I'm Pregnant'!" Heidi Montag hilariously quipped. "No! It's just one of the names we're thinking about. It's unbelievable. I have a lot of songs on it. Every song I love...It's different. Not every song is in the same genre. Some are more pop. Some are more ballady. Some are a little more rock. Some are a little bit edgier, but they all go together in some way. It's like a group of rocks. They're all rocks, but they're so different." Oh, OK. We can't wait to hear all those exciting rocks on this 'I'm Pregnant' masterpiece. [MTV]