Bow Wow stays tweeting, and it keeps getting uglier. He recently announced that he reached out to DJ Drama to do his mixtape, but was rebuffed. "I asked @ djdrama to do my tape. he said no. im use to the doubt. how I answer? 2 million downloads in in less than 2 days c--k suckers. i chose @ djdrama 1st because ima fan and i respect and love his movement. and still is. but i dont kiss a-- im grown." DJ responded via Twitter, "Huh? How I get involved in this conversation...? Stop it. #Redlight." Ouch. [RapRadar]

Mariah Carey blamed her recent hiccup at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, where she was noticeably intoxicated while accepting an award, on her friend, 'Precious' director Lee Daniels. "We were celebrating and having little splashes [of champagne], and I hadn't eaten, and that's what it was," she said. "We were celebrating the movie and all the exciting stuff going on. There's a time for celebration and a time for not - but really, technically, it's a party atmosphere. We had splashes of champagne. I love Lee, but he's a bad influence." Splashes? [Bossip]

Rock band Cobra Starship are really cool. "I would love to be one of those lounge bands on 'Mad Men,' their frontman told MTV. "It takes place in the early '60s, [and we wouldn't be able to play] a cool song, because all those guys are uptight...Then again, there's all those hippies from downtown. Maybe we could be hippies and get into a fight with Don Draper and he could beat us up." Being famous must be really boring. [MTV]