Remy Ma and Nikki Minaj

An incarcerated Remy Ma phoned into a Connecticut hip-hop station this week, where she addressed rumors of having a romance with Young Money rapper, Nicki Minaj. Remy told host Jenny Boom Boom that despite rumors of a relationship between the two, she has no ties with Nicki. "I haven't been with a girl ever in my life," Remy said.

Last year, a video of a woman claiming to have a personal relationship with the former Terror Squad member appeared on the Net. The women identified herself as "Nicki," prompting rumors that she may have been Nicki Minaj before she signed with Young Money. Remy, who was set to marry Brooklyn rapper Papoose before she was locked up, said that she respects Nicki as a rapper, but there is absolutely no truth in the rumors. "I'm really happy for her," Remy said, spreading some love. "I'm actually really happy for her."

Remy went on to explain that while she works on a court appeal, she is also devoting time to earning her associate's degree at the facility's education center. The Bronx rapper also announced plans to expand her family with Papoose, but says that she's got some more immediate priorities upon release. "I wanna go shopping [first]," she said. "They just confiscated a pair of Ugg Boots [I had]. It's so much not like my life. I really miss recording. It's so much of a burden the way I would have to go through...I'm used to having a studio at my house and recording. It's not just what I did for a living, but it's what I did because i loved it."

Remy is currently serving an eight year sentence for shooting a female friend during an argument.