Ray J is dropping another ode to his lady love. But this time, he's not just letting Princess Love know the curtains are closed, he's letting his wife-to-be know he's down to be her "Caddi."

The singer hangs out a dimly-lit tour bus, complete with money and weed, because why not? Featuring Jackie Long and Lil George cameos, the video also showcases Ray J's love for living lavishly; he actually pulls up to a private jet in a Ferrari to subtlety and tastefully let everyone know that he can rent a Ferrari and a private jet for a video shoot.

Yes, that was snark.

Channeling his inner DJ Khaled, Ray uses this uptempo ode to let Princess Love know he'll always hold her down even if that means enlisting his boys. In this case, Willy Norwood, Jr. tapped Payso B for production and a few choice lyrics to let Ms. Love know she's the one.

Although Ray uses the song to highlight his possessions - money, cars, maids - he just wants Princess to know one thing at the end of the day: "Baby, you my ace."

Apparently, the singer is adamant about protecting his lady--and himself. Ray J and Princess Love made headlines this week when they were visiting a strip club in Detroit--and showed up with an armed escort. According to TMZ, the pair was spotted at Club Jaguar accompanied by a bodyguard brandishing an AR-15 rifle.




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