Leave it to R. Kelly to invite everyone to his "Backyard Party" at the 2015 Soul Train Awards, which aired Sunday night (Nov. 29) on BET.

Before performing, the show's host, Erykah Badu, had some choice words for him. "I know they said no red cups y'all," she told the crowd while raising hers,"but this man has done more for the blacks than anyone."

"He taught how, in the name of love, to step together. He taught us to stay out that trapped closet. And he believes he can fly," she continued.

Closing out the 2015 Soul Train Awards, the Chicago crooner's performance starts with a clip of him walking through crowds and singing 2003's "Step in the Name of Love" until he gets to the main stage where an actual party is going down. The cookout had plenty of food and drinks as the partygoers cheered Kellz on.

Kelly performed his new song, appropriately titled "Backyard Party," then took it back by performing a number of his classic hits including, "Your Body's Callin'," "When a Woman's Fed Up" and "Ignition (Remix)." The 48-year-old singer then jumped into the beginning of "Bump and Grind."

However, considering this was a family affair, Kelly skipped the rest of the tune and continued to "Step in the Name of Love" and ended on an uplifting and love-filled note.

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