Former child star Orlando Brown continues to make folks laugh with his hilarious interviews on VladTV. In a recent segment, Brown talks candidly about his That So Raven co-star Raven-Symone’s supple breasts among other things. His bizarre comments and his drugged-out demeanor made him a trending topic on Twitter.

In the video above, Brown, who appears to be high on something, recounts his intimate relationship with Raven-Symone. At one point, he tells DJ Vlad that he performed cunnilugus on her and she reciprocated with feliatto on him - allegedly. Brown goes so far as to actually describe the sexual acts with his lips and tongue. Yep, that happened.

Then Brown describes Raven-Symone’s breasts, which he says are one color. Then the 28-year-old actor closes his eyes and mimicked how he would pinch her nipples and sucked on them - again this is all alleged.

Brown's weird behavior made him a target on Twitter. There were a few people who also expressed concern for Brown's well-being and suggested that he go to rehab and be Kanye West's roommate.

"Orlando Brown making is making my day. Now if we can get him and Kanye in the same room at the psychiatric ward that would be CLASSIC!" wrote one fan. Another person tweeted, "Orlando Brown is the new this is your brain on drugs warning. Forget the egg."

One fan was more optimistic. "I hope Kanye is doing okay. I hope Nick Cannon does great in his finals. I hope Orlando Brown gets rehab. I hope," he tweeted.

Read some of the fans' reactions to Orlando Brown's video below.

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