One of the most influential production units in music, Organized Noize sounded like nothing else out there when they emerged from Atlanta (East Point), with OutKast's classic 1994 debut, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. 

And while they've long been keepers of Atlanta's cultural scene— directly inspiring its music, art and even burgeoning film scenes— over the past year they've received much more deserved recognition outside of the confines of the A's 285 perimeter and the southern region. Particularly, the documentary, The Art of Organized Noize, directed by QD3, shed light on the innovative, futuristic sound that Organized Noize built as the foundation for the Dungeon Family.

Now, Organized Noize (Rico Wade, Pat "Sleepy" Brown and Ray Murray) have made a full return to the scene with the release of their seven-track, self-titled EP, Organized Noize. A collection of the funky, earthy sounds the production unit is known for, the EP is a solid reminder of the musical scope Organized brings to the table.

Anchored by the gutter, yet sexy lead single, "Kush" featuring 2 Chainz and brought to life by talented singer/songwriter and DF affiliate, Joi, the song sets the tone for the project.

Other standouts include the hard-hitting, haunting opener "Anybody Out There" also featuring Joi and singer/songwriter Scar. Sleepy shows up in classic form to deliver a nostalgic slow jam with "Awesome Lovin" and Big Boi, Big Rube and CeeLo Green deliver on "We The Ones."

Take a listen to the EP below. Purchase it here on iTunes.

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