If you are a fan of VH1's 'Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta' show, you would know that Scrappy's mother Momma Dee is pursuing a singing career. So during her single release party for 'I Deserve,' the reality TV star suffered a fail of all fails.

While warbling her tune 'I Deserve,' Momma Dee's tooth popped right out of her mouth. The whole incident went from shocking to hilarious...and in that order!

However, Momma Dee didn't let that embarrassment phase her one bit. She fixed her rascally tooth -- that she calls "a Flipper" -- and continued on with her 26-minute set. What a trooper!

Of course, video of Momma Dee's tooth malfunction went viral and folks have been both supportive and critical of the toothless mishap.

"After seeing Mama Dee tooth fall out all that h-- deserve is a new dentist I'm not here for it," wrote one commenter, while another tweeted, "Mama Dee talkin bout she deserved to be loved & s---, when really she deserve a BETTER DENTAL PLAN!!"

Meanwhile, fans of the 'Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta' star came to her defense and tweeted out their support. "Despite the little mishap...I thought you did great!! Scrappy look so proud of you. .so keep pushing, wrote one follower, while another commented, "Don't worry about people, you just keep shinning!"

After her concert performance, Momma Dee went on Twitter to shut down all the negative remarks that were coming her way. The up-and-coming singer acknowledged that it was an embarrassing moment but vowed to continue with her singing career. She tweeted:

Watch Momma Dee's Concert Performance of 'I Deserve'