After a lengthy build up, Mike WiLL Made It has finally dropped his single, '23,' which features the unique lineup of Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, and Miley Cyrus.

Fans have been teased with two snippets in the last month, including a one that contained Miley's verse where the pop princess decides to rap and make references to chic sneaker consignment store Flight Club and MC Hammer as if she grew up knowing Jay Z's catalog of music. It turns out that her name drop of Naughty By Nature's 'Hip-Hop Hooray' comes on the song's bridge, which is then repeated after all three verses.

Miley also drops a few lines on the song's chorus, which goes, "I'm in the club high off purp with some shades on/ Tatted up miniskirt with my J's on," before transitioning into Juicy J chanting "J's on my feet." It's certainly a catchy hook that could make an impact on radio.

Wiz and Juicy handle the second and third verses of the song, respectively, and both speak on their collection of fresh kicks. It's interesting that Wiz brags about sneakers on a song called '23.' After all, the Taylor Gang head honcho has his own line of Converse sneakers. Juicy's verse is somewhat forgettable, although he does close his verse by saying "I'm so fly I get head like a blowdryer."

With a video having been shot and on its way, the song looks like it could build some momentum in the weeks ahead. However, the extra long lead up to the release could possibly stunt its growth. At this point, everybody has already heard Miley's shocking transformation into a ratchet party rapper. They heard it before the song even came out. And with the surprise factor of her verse out of the way, the song loses its luster. A combination like this could have gone viral had it come out without any notice.

Furthermore, all three artists will likely be promoting other songs, as all three have albums this year. Juicy J's 'Stay Trippy' just came out at the end of August, Wiz Khalifa will be releasing 'Blacc Hollywood,' and Miley is about to release the much-anticipated and heavily scrutinized project called 'Bangerz.' In fact, Miley just dropped a video for a song called 'Wrecking Ball' earlier today, a dramatic sonic and lyrical departure from her verse on '23' (although the song retains the same edgy imagery and includes hints of nudity).

And it's not like Mike WiLL Made it is going away anytime soon. The producer has been on fire and shows no signs of slowing down. And fans still have the hope that just maybe he will be the guy to put out some solo material from Andre 3000.

'23' is the first single off Mike WiLL's debut album, ‘Est. In 1989 Pt 3.′

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