A bejeweled white glove worn by Michael Jackson during his 1996 HIStory world tour was recently auctioned off in Australia, fetching a price of $48,000 Australian, almost twice the estimated selling price.

The "glittery" glove was originally caught by a fan during a tour-stop in Sydney, Australia, when the King of Pop made an appearance at the premiere of 'Ghosts,' a film in which he had a starring role. After the screening, MJ tossed the glove into the audience, where it was grabbed by Bill Hibble, who proudly kept the glove until his recent death.

Hibble's mother put the crystal-encrusted glove up for auction, and it was purchased by a buyer for the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, who beat out five other bidders. "We are very happy with the result," said a spokesperson for the auction house. "It's the first glove we know about in Australia."

A more famous glittery glove worn by Jackson during his first ever moonwalk performance a the Motown 25th Anniversary Special in 1983 is also said to be auctioned off soon. Until then, the Australian glove can be seen on display at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas.

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