'U Can't Touch This' rapper MC Hammer has become an equity partner in mail-in refinery Cash4Gold. Prior to buying in, Hammer was a pitch man in a commercial for the company, alongside Ed McMahon, which aired during the 2009 Super Bowl. The Florida-based company is run by CEO Jeff Aronson, who built it up from 14 employees in 2006, to 300 in 2009, making close to 800,000 customer precious metal transactions.

"Our Super Bowl commercial with MC Hammer kicked off a long-standing friendship and business relationship which we look forward to continuing, whether we are working hard together, playing hard or giving back to the community through charitable work," Aronson said, of the partnership.

Hammer and Cash4Gold will be celebrating their alliance at a Super Bowl party this February, which will be held in the Cash4Gold vaults, where employees will be melting down gold. We can't help but conjure an image of Scrooge McDuck, here.

The partners recently joined forces on a charitable initiative, working with Feed The Children to support disaster in the Pacific and Georgia. Keep up to date on MC Hammer via his Twitter. He has over 1.7 million followers, seriously.