It's been years since R&B group Immature dropped an album, but according to former lead singer Marques Houston, reuniting is not completely out of the question. "We did a new photo shoot and I Twit-picked the photo of Immature and fans went crazy," he told The BoomBox. "So you never know. I'm not gonna' say 'no' and I'm not gonna' say 'yes.'"

Since dismantling in 2002 -- after undergoing a name change from Immature to IMX -- the three members have gone their separate ways. "We're three different individual men that have three different ways that we're living our lives, [but] I think it would be good if we would come back together. I would like to see it."

Houston continued, "I don't see a lot of groups anymore, which is a bummer. We have a lot of groups like The Jackson 5, New Edition, Boys II Men... groups that we looked up to. Groups like that really did it big. I like groups. I wish I could see a lot more."

Immature first debuted in 1992 but didn't increase their notoriety until the release of 'Play Time Is Over' in 1994, by way of their first single 'Never Lie,' which peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard charts.