Providing fans with access to a celebrity's most prized possessions seems to be a trend as of a late. Recently, television personality La La Vazquez put her pink Range Rover Sport up for auction on eBay. Now, D.I.T.C. leader Lord Finesse is doing the same with a piece from his trove.

Lord Finesse, born Robert Hall, has placed his SP-1200-a classic drum machine and sampler used in music production-up for sale on the online auction site eBay. The machine is responsible for creating the sound of such rap classics as The Notorious B.I.G.'s 'Party & Bullshit' Remix, C-N-N's 'Channel 10' as well as countless works for deceased rapper Big L.

The producer posted the used equipment on eBay with a starting bid of $1,400 on July 27. Since then, three bids have been made with the highest amount reaching $1,475. A closer look at the posting's supporting photos indicate Lord Finesse autographed the SP-1200 with the words "God Bless! Lord Finesse D.I.T.C."

According to, since Finesse's eBay username, saint163, was listed with zero feedback, it was inevitable that questions would be raised of whether or not the production equipment was truly authentic. The producer, of 'Funky Technician' fame, replied with this statement:

"That's the codename alias in DITC.. saint or seldomseen.. 163.. is the street in Forest Projects.. where I grew up at. There's nothing to be concerned about.. This is my first and maybe last time posting an item.. on E bay.. I get at least a handful of questions everyday about my SP1200 some are of interest.. some are just irrelevant.. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to post my SP1200 and give fans a chance to obtain a item of such importance & history to me.. If you win the bid you can pay cash & collect it in person ... not a problem.. I have a pleasant surprise for the winner of the SP...," he wrote.

As of press time, Finesse's eBay auction has less than five hours to go until bidding ceases.

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