Locksmith is out promoting his new album 'A Thousand Cuts' and stopped by the Shade 45 studios to talk with DJ Kay Slay. And with a talented lyricist like Lock in the studio, Kay Slay had to get the Bay Area rhymer to kick a few bars off the dome.

Rocking over two classic DJ Premier productions, Locksmith displays once again why he's one of the illest MCs in the game today. With the 'Code of the Streets' instrumental as his backdrop, Lock raps, "I was told if I was bold I would have less / I was told that my music was like math test / I was told that my lyrics would add stress, being smart's a liability more than asset."

In part two, which you can see below, Locksmith takes hold of Gang Starr's 'Moment of Truth' beat. Lock spits, "And fools be telling me, yelling, screaming this heat is too deep to just be leaking on n---s' beats you should keep for you / but I'm strategic, I see it as being equal a single and necessary evil that each MC should do / but that's a gamble, a handful of pride I'm thinking too / what happens when they're sick of me rapping and my mystique is through?"

Go pick up Locksmith's 'A Thousand Cuts' which is available now in stores and digital outlets.

Watch Part Two of Locksmith's Freestyle on Shade 45