Lil Wayne may have missed out on a 'Pink Friday' collaboration with Nicki Minaj due to his 2010 jail sentence, but the Young Money cohorts are reuniting for the supped up version of 'Roman's Revenge,' aptly titled 'Roman's Revenge 2.0.' The track, which dropped Monday (Jan. 17), finds Weezy replacing Eminem's verses with his own that swerve in between one explicit metaphor after another, before delving completely into battle.

"I eat yo' face off/ You n----s see this pie like this is a bake off," he spits. "I love Nicki's curves/ Swing at the baseball. I'll beat your breaks off/Hi I'm tune, salt in the wound /I'm up in this b----, pardon the goons. Throw dirt on the floor, get caught in the broom/ I like a big wet p----y with a fork and a spoon. I got money and the power, a woman in the shower, and she don't want nothing but my Johnson, Howard."

By the second half of his 16 bars the New Orleans MC is fully immersed in reclaiming his position at the top of the rap game. "Life is a puzzle, jigsaw all I do is win my name should be victor/old ass rappers I'm still the shit old ass pampers/Foie gras I hear you ducks is quicken'/ Imma pluck my ashes, Imma puff it and pass it, I'm a f---in' assassin, you should jump in a casket!"

Since finishing up his eight month jail bid in November, Wayne has been slow to release new music, dropping his latest '6 Foot 7 Foot,' featuring Corey Gunz, in December. Now smack dab into the new year, Weezy is expected to speed up his musical prowess, and will unleash his long awaited post-prison project 'Tha Carter IV,' sometime this year.

Listen to Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne on 'Roman's Revenge 2.0'

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