As PETA continues to lash out at Kelis and her fur-wearing style, the electro-pop singer has kept fighting back and wants the final word on the matter. After writing an open letter in January where she proclaimed she would always wear fur, PETA has consistently made statements criticizing her outfits and the singer is sick of it. To Kelis, it's a privacy issue and she just wants everyone to leave her alone.

"I've always worn fur," she told gossip blogger Perez Hilton in a video interview. "I've never had a issue with it. PETA mentioned a few things, I ignored it. They sent me a nasty letter, I'm like, what, are you serious? Leave me alone basically."

Yet for someone wanting privacy, Kelis knows how to throw some sharp words in the direction of PETA and sensitive vegetarians everywhere. Adding to her January accusation that PETA euthanizes animals and is trying to save a "dang chipmunk," she has called herself a "carnivore" and reiterated that everyone has the right to make their own personal choices as long as they are legal.

"I'm like the biggest carnivore," she continued. "I eat a plate of meat. I don't need anything else. I enjoy it that much. I believe in live and let live."