Queensbridge trio Infamous Mobb -- Ty Nitty, Twin Gambino aka Big Twins and Godfather Part III -- has decided to throw in the towel. Following a Facebook post on Gambino's page, Love and Loyalty Records' CEO Ty filmed and posted a seven-minute video confirming the split.

"What I really want to come here and holla at the fans about is the Twin Gambino thing he put on Facebook and all of that," he said. "Yeah, we did break up. But, me and Godfather, we're still unified and we're still gonna make music for the fans who've been there since day one."

Ty also put rumors to rest that Vinny Thunn, coordinator for the group and VP of Love and Loyalty, had nothing to do with the split. For now, Ty explained that he's putting in work on his solo album, stating that it's "gonna be a minute, because I wanna give you that f---in' fire you've been waiting on."

Infamous Mobb, also known as IM3, was originally conceived as a foursome, with Gambino's twin brother Twin Scarface serving as the fourth member before his untimely death in 1996. The group made its on-wax debut on Mobb Deep's 'Demo Cuts' mixtape in '94 and would later appear on the skits on the duo's 'The Infamous,' later dropping verses on Nas' 'QB Finest' and DJ Muggs' 'Soul Assassin'.

The trio dropped its debut album 'Special Edition' in 2002, followed by 'Blood Thicker Than Water Vol. 1' in '04 and 'Reality Rap' in '07. In '06, the members branched out and started to release solo albums, beginning with Ty Nitty's 'Anthrax Music Vol. 1' and followed by Big Twins' 'The Grimey Collection' in '08.