Ty Dolla $ign is one of the latest in the line of will-take-your-girl-and-not-care mainstream R&B acts. The Los Angeles-born artist will probably keep it that way as he turns 30 today (April 13).

While his smooth singing voice and musicianship are noted, Ty Dolla $ign made his way to DJ playlists everywhere with how he slips these blunt, sometimes curt sexual mantras into palatable hooks. "Can you really take d--- or nah?" is a jerk thing to ask in most cases. But with Ty it's a hit and a meme.

Ty reached his peak around the same time DJ Mustard hit his peak. "Paranoid" features a deceptively simple beat revolving around a very simple concept: two female acquaintances in a discotheque who're familiar with each other may potentially cause controversy. It's the song that signaled the summer of DJ Mustard and broke Ty into the mainstream lens.

In between making guest appearances in Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West songs, Ty Dolla $ign has been looking for that lead-in single for his delayed Free TC album. Although they've been solid, none have come near the success of "Paranoid." "Drop That Kitty" is a disappointment despite having Tinashe and Charli XCX as guests. Beside that, Ty's missing hit lead-in single doesn't show he's lost his touch. "Stand For" is a palatable attempt at an R&B cut for the homies, while 2014's Sign Language mixtape is an enjoyable, breezy listen. Ty Dolla $ign still has the juice at 30.

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