For those who can't wait until Tuesday (Aug. 27) for the release of Goodie Mob's new album, we have some great news: The entire record is streaming right now.

'Age Against The Machine' is more than simply another album from the Atlanta rap quartet. It's their first with all four founding members in nearly 14 years. Their previous release, 'One Monkey Don't Stop No Show,' dropped sans any contributions from Cee-Lo Green, who at the time was pursuing his solo career.

But since then, the four have clearly found the time to put their side projects on hold to focus on their work as a unit. As expected, though, their time apart has led to a varied sound on 'Age Against The Machine.'

'Power' is a Cee-Lo-led jam that would fit into his discography with Danger Mouse as Gnarls Barkley and the same goes for 'Come As You Are.' Elsewhere, you have 'Stripes,' which is a straight-up, chest-pounding banger featuring T.I., and then there's self-empowerment anthem 'Special Education' with Janelle Monae. While this might seem like a lot to hear at once, and it is, there's one hell of a pay-off in closing track 'Father Time.'

You can stream 'Age Against The Machine' on Amazon.