Rapper Foxy Brown and singer Toni Braxton are in serious tax trouble, according to recent reports.

Foxy is being sued by the IRS for owing $641,558 in federal taxes to the state of New York. In June, the IRS filed tax lien documents against Foxy for missing tax payments from 2003 to 2006.

The Brooklyn MC was also the center of a recent prison scandal which caused several top corrections officials to resign, amidst allegations that inmates like herself received better treatment than the general population.

No stranger to financial trouble, Braxton and husband Keri Lewis have been hit with lien documents by the state of California, and are accused of owing $79,315 in back taxes. Braxton filed for bankruptcy protection in 1998, owing over $1 million, despite having sold over 15 million albums worldwide, grossing well over $170 million.