Singer Fantasia Barrino testified in the child custody hearing for her former boyfriend, Antwaun Cook, in Charlotte, N.C. on Monday (Nov. 22). The former 'American Idol' admitted she knew he was married at the time of their affair, and became pregnant with his child, which she later aborted. According to CNN, once under oath, Fantasia changed her first story in which she claimed to have no knowledge of his relationship status with Cook's wife Paula, whom he was living with at the time. Sources in the courtroom, which included a member of Cook's family, confirmed that Barrino admitted to terminating the pregnancy around the time of her suicide attempt.

As previously reported, Cook's wife filed an Alienation of Affection lawsuit against Barrino, citing her as the cause of her marriage failing. The law, which is legal in the state of North Carolina, is a tort brought on by the deserted spouse against a third party alleged to be responsible for the dissolution of the marriage. In the lawsuit, Paula noted that her soon-to-be-ex enjoyed a lavish lifestyle at the expense of Barrino's bank account and notoriety. Barrino, 26, originally owned up to dating Cook "off and on for several months," but insisted that she believed that he and his wife were separated. Paula and Barrino attempted to come to an agreement via private mediation on Nov. 1, but failed to reach a settlement.

In light of the media firestorm surrounding her, just days before the release of her third album, Barrino attempted suicide, ingesting a large amount of sleeping pills and aspirin. After spending two days in the hospital, the singer was released and later had a meeting with Cook, which was documented on her VH1 reality show 'Fantasia for Real.'

The child custody trial is set to continue in December. Barrino is currently on a nationwide tour promoting her album 'Back to Me.'

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