Hip-hop's relationship with Elvis Presley has come a long way since Chuck D claimed he "never meant s--- to me." While few touched Elvis' work back in the golden age of sampling, a new remix record tries to imagine what it would be like if Elvis was remixed to some hard beats.

The record is called 'Viva Elvis: The Album' and is being prepped by Erich van Tourneau -- the music director from Cirque du Soleil's 'Viva Elvis' show. He's hooked up with Legacy Records to combine hip-hop, punk and other forms of modern music with some classic Elvis hits. There has already been a fair amount of criticism directed at the producer and label for touching music that remains sacred for many fans. Legacy Records media relations VP Tom Cording understands the complaints.

"I can understand why the purist may be cautious and hesitant, but the new album is a unique way to bring Elvis' music to a whole new, younger audience," Cording told the Denver Post.

While many think Public Enemy had the final word on Elvis, he has actually been flipped by a few rap artists throughout the years. Check out the great 'I'm All Shook Up' by Spoonie Gee or Three 6 Mafia's 'In the Ghetto' to hear the original King's contributions to the genre.

'Viva Elvis: The Album' will be available on Nov. 9.

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