Drake had such a memorable time in Houston on his Would You Like a Tour? last week that he cemented the occasion with a new tattoo.

The OVO leader posted a photo on Instagram of his new ink -- the letter H with a star. The caption reads, "Nov. 18 H Town."

This simple tat symbolizes the first time the rapper performed at Houston’s Warehouse four years ago on Nov. 18, 2009, before he became a globally recognized name.

On the 'Nothing Was the Same' track 'Too Much,' the Toronto MC recalls his life-changing performance at the club.

"Backstage at Warehouse in '09 like, 'Is Bun coming? / F--- that, is anyone coming 'fore I show up there and there's no one there? / These days, I could probably pack it for like 20 nights if I go in there," he raps.

For those familiar with Drake’s 2009 show, Houston legend Bun B appeared onstage to perform 'Uptown' with him. The concert further cemented his rise in the rap game.

In the end, Drake’s love for Houston runs deep. So deep, it’s now permanently etched into his skin.

Go down memory lane with Drake and watch his 2009 concert performance at the Warehouse below.

Watch Drake's 2009 Performance in Houston

Watch Drake's 2009 Performance in Houston with Bun B