With the economy tanking and unemployment rates skyrocketing, rapper David Banner is offering up a new album that won't dig into your pockets. The Mississippi native will release his forthcoming album 'Death of a Popstar' for free.

"We were speaking about the death of young people's music," Banner said of the album's concept. "It's been reduced to a download. During the course of this album we said '[since] everybody says there [isn't any] good music, we [are going to] give the album away for free.' If people really want to talk about there should be better music then we're going to let people donate to the website."

Banner's good deed doesn't stop there, he also plans on giving away the contributions made to the site he and 9th wonder plan to launch. "We're going to take 50 percent of the proceeds and give it away to a non-profit organization. I believe God blesses a path and you have to embark on that path so me and [producer] 9th Wonder embarked on doing something greater, showing people it's not about the money."

As previously reported Banner and producer 9th wonder released the song 'Something's Wrong' as a tribute to slain Chicago teen Derrion Albert. The 16-year-old was tragically beaten to death during an after-school brawl that was captured on tape. Four teens were later charged with Albert's murder.

This and other violent acts that have taken place between young people across the nation inspired Banner's artistry. "If you listen to the first version of the song I wasn't just talking about Chicago. I was talking about things happening in America period. Whether you're Christian, Muslim, whether you believe in Buddhism... whatever you believe in, we know in our spirit that right now something is not right. So me and 9th Wonder said as grown men we [are] going to stop for a second and do what we [are] supposed to do as men, and it turned into what you see here [the album].

Although the video for 'Something's Wrong' was scheduled to be shot October 20 in New York, the date was moved to mid-November due to safety issues stemming from a large number of expected attendees.

'Death of a Popstar' drops December 29.