David Banner and 9th Wonder, who released their collaboration album 'Death of a Pop Star' last month, are giving fans a treat. The Grammy-winning producers are giving away a 'Death of a Pop Star' theme, made exclusively for the PlayStation store, to PS3 owners.

The package, which is available from Konsole Kingz, offers six images, a KKZ silver icon pack and custom sounds produced by the duo. It will serve as a replacement to the general interface, trumping the original sounds, icons, pointers and etc. for 'D.O.A.P.S.' tidbits. "As technology evolves, so must the role of the artist in peoples lives. 'Death of a Pop Star' was always designed to be bigger than just music," said Banner. "With the help of the people at Konsole Kingz, we have been able to further expand the 'Death of a Pop Star' experience."

9th Wonder echoed Banner's sentiments, sharing that the giveaway is intended to share their music with a broader audience. "We must understand that everyone discovers music differently," said 9th. "The radio is not the only place that you can decide to become a part of a musical experience. Having a game introduce 'Death of a Pop Star' to someone falls directly in line with our mission statement with this album; be different and revolutionary."

This isn't 9th's first foray into gaming. Last year, he scored EA Sports' 'NBA Elite '11,' teaming up with Roc Nation's J. Cole to create the game's main title.