Dr. Jenn Berman has gone through a few seasons of VH1's 'Couples Therapy' but nothing quite like Season 4. She claims this is the craziest season yet. With a bunch of reality TV stars -- one actually without her partner -- and a rapper who just enjoys the ladies a little too much, each episode is bound to be interesting.

While we would love to talk about all of the couples, our spotlight turns to Ghostface Killah and his lady love, Kelsey Nykol. It's pretty obvious that Kelsey is in love and wants to make this relationship work. "I love Ghost as a person," she says during the initial interview. "Spiritually, mentally and a man. And I love what we have and want it to continue to grow."

While the Wu-Tang Clan member wants the relationship to work as well, he doesn't feel like couples therapy will do him any good. But as we see in the first minute or two of the episode, he does stay for the long haul.

"I would love one day to get married," he states. "But I want keep searching with Kelsey to see the one. But I don't need therapy. If I need therapy, I would talk to myself."

The two have been together for about a year but have actually only spent four solid months together because of the rapper's schedule. Their time apart seems to put a riff between the two, according to Kelsey.

When the couple enter the house, it's pretty obvious that Ghost is nervous about the situation. The awkwardness for him continues during dinner because he explains he isn't used to having dinner with a bunch of strangers and talking about personal issues.

The episode ends with Ghostface and Kelsey discussing and eventually arguing about the first session of therapy with counselors. Will they be able to get through therapy as a couple? Will they break up? And more importantly, will Ghostface actually cry?

Stay tuned until next week to find out the answer.