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Talib Kweli Performs The Stooges 'Search And Destroy'
When Run of Run-D.M.C. proclaimed himself the “King of Rock” back in the days, he made a bold statement. Now, decades later, rap has arguably usurped rock as the most popular sub-genre of pop music -- but that doesn’t mean that hip-hop heads don&CloseCurly…
Talib Kweli Performs 'Get By' With a Live Band [VIDEO]
Few artists can say that they wrote a hit song and even fewer can say that they created a bona fide anthem. Talib Kweli’s got both of those bases covered with ‘Get By,’ a motivational soundtrack to the lives of strugglers and strivers the world over.
Talib Kweli Interview Video
Talib Kweli isn’t just one of hip-hop’s premiere lyricists (just ask Jay Z), he might just be the hardest working MC in the game. Not only does he do nearly 300 shows a calendar year, he also lives up to his “MCEO” title by running his own …
Meshell Ndegeocello Covers Whodini's 'Friends'
"Friends ... how many of us have them ...?" If you're an old head or just into old school hip-hop, you remember that question from Whodini's 1984 classic 'Friends.' We've already looked at Nas and MF Doom's respective takes on the song and now we get a…

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