TMZ reports that the late Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown was in a car crash late this morning, in Alpharetta, Georgia.

The singer's daughter wrecked her Chevy Camaro when she reportedly lost control of the car. A passerby noticed it smashed into the shoulder and called 911.

The car crash follows closely to both her engagement announcement and subsequent break-up with adopted brother Nick Gordon.

When the authorities and paramedics arrived, BK was standing next to the car and seemed to be injury-free. After conducting an official investigation, the police deemed that no alcohol or drug use was involved.

It appears that the 19-year-old lost control of the car when exiting her apartment complex, driving over the curb and down an embankment, hitting a few trees before coming to a halt on a park trail.

Brown was given a citation after the investigation for "failure to maintain lane." This isn't her first car crash, BK was arguing with her ex-fiancee Nick Gordon when she roughed up her Camaro before.

Watch "Bobbi Kristina Gets In Car Crash While Arguing With Boyfriend" Video

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