Back in August, Beyonce took a break from playing arenas and camped out for four nights at New York City's legendary Roseland Ballroom. From those intimate shows came the two-DVD set 'Live at Roseland: The Elements of 4,' and now, we've got an exclusive video of the standout track 'I Care.'

In the clip below, an exceedingly fierce B commands the stage, even though she spends most of the song seated. Decked out in a sparkly mini dress, the R&B megastar is all growls and snarling glances. At one point, when she sings, "Ever since you knew the power, you made me cry," she flexes her bicep, no doubt striking fear into the heart of whatever dude dared do her wrong.

Later, the guitar player in her all-female band steps up front and shreds a wicked solo on her Flying V. Beyonce mimes like she's playing, whips her hair and then stands up, ending the tune like a triumphant rock 'n' roll goddess.

Beyonce's '4' album was released in June, snagging first-week sales of 310,000 copies. 'Party,' a track from the LP featuring assists from Kanye West and Andre 3000, is nominated for a Grammy in the Best Rap/Sung Collaboration category.

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