Bryan Steffy, Getty Images
Bryan Steffy, Getty Images

Rapper and former BET host Shad "Bow Wow" Moss is currently suffering third degree burns from relentless roasting all over the Internet and now on television, after he said he won't vote in the upcoming presidential election because he's "mixed," then posted a picture of his light-skinned father on Instagram to prove it.

Most recently, BET got in on the fun with the #WeLostMoss hashtag, which appeared at the bottom of the screen while the network played some of his old music videos.

It all began shortly after Bow Wow took to twitter to vent his frustrations about the political arena and the chosen candidates for the upcoming election. He tweeted, "I stay out of it. I don't do politics." Then, someone pointed out that Bow Wow should care because his ancestors died to give him and Black people nationwide, the right to vote.

What that user didn’t know, (along with the collective of Black people) is that Bow Wow doesn't believe he is Black. He expressed that he doesn’t believe his ancestors aided the civil rights movement because his ancestors were neither “fully Black” (as if there is such a thing), nor were his ancestors featured in Selma. Yes. Bow Wow referenced the movie characters of Selma to validate his point of racial and historical rationale. According to Bow Wow, his "heritage [is] different."

Check out some of Moss’ sentiments on his ancestry and few of our favorite reactions to his tweets below.




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