Sometimes it's hard to bring new and legendary MCs together for a common cause, but Asher Roth and Darryl "DMC" Daniels are doing just that in order to encourage our children to stay in school. Funded by Viacom and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the 'Get Schooled' initiative is a five-year campaign that emphasizes education and specifically targets high school students preparing for college.

The two rappers kick things off with a large-scale PSA documentary that premieres this evening on Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon and other Viacom media outlets. Entitled 'Get Schooled: You Have the Right,' the 30-minute program coincides with a major speech by president Barack Obama that encourages students to understand education's importance in a changing world.

The full campaign is set to have an expansive reach. With luminaries such as Obama, LeBron James and Bill Gates involved, it just might have a shot influencing students from all walks of life and lowering our (extremely disappointing) dropout rates. You can visit the initiative's website for more information. Also, peep below for a short spot by DMC.